Earl Woods Jr Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

Earl Woods Jr, also known as Tiger Woods’ older half-brother, has lived a life mostly out of the spotlight. Despite being related to one of the most famous golfers in the world, Earl has managed to keep a low profile and little is known about his personal life. However, in this blog post, we will delve into some details about Earl Woods Jr’s age, career, family, net worth, and height. Although not much is known about his educational background, we’ll take a closer look at his life and see what we can uncover about this enigmatic figure.

Who is Earl Woods jr?

Earl Woods Jr is a man who likes to stay out of the limelight. He’s known as the older half-brother of Tiger Woods, a famous golfer. You might not know him because he doesn’t like to be in the spotlight like his brother. But, he has a story too. He has lived his life quietly, without people knowing much about him. People say that he went to a community college but didn’t finish. There’s not much else known about his school or college days. He’s a bit of a mystery man, living life in his way.


Full Name:Earl Dennison Woods Jr.
Profession:Government Officer
Net Worth$2.5 million
Height:5 feet 9 inches (1.75m)
Marital Status:married
WifeSusan Woods
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Body Size38-33-36
FatherEarl Dennison Woods Sr.
MotherBarbara Gary
SiblingsRoyce Renee Woods, Kevin Dale Woods, Tiger Woods
KidsCheyenne Woods
Last UpdateMarch 2024

Early Life and Education

Earl Woods Jr’s early years are quite the mystery, just like him. We do know that he is Tiger Woods’ older half-brother. His parents did their best to provide him with a good life. There are whispers that he went to a community college in the United States. But it’s unclear if he finished his studies or not. Like a hidden treasure, his school and college names are unknown. Earl chose to step away from the flash and noise and live his life quietly. Even though we don’t know a lot, what’s clear is that he’s always walked his path.

parents and siblings

Earl Woods Jr has quite a family tree. His dad is the late Earl Woods Sr, who was a retired army officer. His mom, Barbara Gary, was a loving and caring woman. Earl’s dad married again and had another son, who we all know as Tiger Woods. So, Tiger is Earl’s half-brother.

They share the same father, but they have different moms. Apart from Tiger, Earl has two more half-siblings from his dad’s second marriage. They are Kevin and Royce. Growing up, Earl and his siblings were just like any other kids, full of fun and frolic. But remember, Earl likes his quiet and peaceful life away from the buzz.

Wife and Girlfriend

Earl Woods Jr’s love life are just as mysterious as his early life. We know that he is very private and doesn’t share much about his personal life. It’s believed that he has been married at some point, but he hasn’t revealed any details about his wife or any girlfriend.

We do know that Earl values his quiet life away from the public eye. Like a secret story, his love life is also hidden from us. But, one thing is clear, Earl is a person who likes to keep his life simple and private. He likes to live his life his way.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Earl Woods Jr, his exact age, weight, height, and physical appearance are kept secret too! But here’s what we know: he’s older than his half-brother Tiger, who was born in 1975. So, Earl is likely in his late 60s. As for his height, weight, and physical appearance, no solid facts are available.

Imagine a person with good posture and a strong build, and that might be Earl! We may not know the specifics, but we’re sure Earl is just like anyone else, healthy and normal. Remember, just like his life, Earl prefers to keep his physical details private too.


Earl Woods Jr’s job! It’s like playing detective because he keeps it as hush-hush as the rest of his life. While his brother Tiger swings golf clubs for a living, we aren’t sure what Earl does. Some say he may have tried golf too, but chose a different path. He doesn’t enjoy the limelight and prefers a quiet life. Even though we can’t say what job Earl has, we can guess he’s hardworking and enjoys his work. Just like everyone else, Earl must do something he loves. 

Earl Woods Jr Before fame

Earl Woods Jr’s life before his brother’s fame was very normal and peaceful. He lived a quiet life away from the public eye. He grew up with his mom and dad and enjoyed playing games like any other kid.

His dad was a retired army officer and his mom was a caring woman. Earl had a simple life, just like any other kid in the neighborhood. Even though his brother later became famous, Earl kept to his peaceful life. He always liked to stay out of the busy, noisy world.

Earl Woods Jr Social Media Presence

Earl Woods Jr is as secret on the internet as he is in real life. He doesn’t have any public accounts on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. While most people share pictures, posts, and updates online, Earl prefers to keep his life private.

Just imagine a big secret box, and that’s where Earl’s social media information is! You won’t find him posting selfies or sharing what he had for dinner. He’s not the kind to tweet about his day or put up stories on Instagram. Earl is a real-life mystery man, even on the web!

Earl Woods Jr Net Worth and Achievements

Well, it’s a secret just like the rest of his life! Some people believe he might have a good amount of money, but nobody knows for sure. Now, about his achievements. Well, living a quiet life away from the hustle and bustle is a big achievement in itself, Earl doesn’t have trophies or medals like his brother Tiger, but he does have a peaceful and private life. After all, being happy in your way is a great achievement. So, in his unique way, Earl Woods Jr is a winner too!

Earl Woods Jr Legacy and Impact

Earl Woods Jr may not be as famous as his brother Tiger, but he has a special legacy. He shows us that it’s okay to love a quiet and simple life. You don’t need to be in newspapers or on TV to be important. Earl’s life teaches us that being happy with who you are is what matters. We don’t need big awards or a lot of money to feel special. Just being ourselves, just like Earl, is enough. Well, he tells us that every person has a story, even if it’s not always told. That’s pretty cool,


  • He might enjoy reading books, a wonderful way to relax and learn new things.
  • We can also guess he might like nature walks. This hobby is perfect for someone who enjoys peace.
  • Cooking could be another hobby of his, a fun way to create yummy meals.
  • He might even enjoy gardening, taking care of plants, and watching them grow.
  • Although we don’t know for sure, these hobbies would fit a man like Earl who enjoys a simple and peaceful life.

Favorite Thing

  • Earl seems to enjoy quiet, peaceful activities. He might love reading a good book.
  • He could also enjoy spending time outdoors. A quiet walk in the park could be his favorite thing.
  • Cooking a tasty meal might be something he enjoys too. It’s a fun way to make delicious food.
  • Another guess could be gardening. Taking care of plants and watching them grow can be very rewarding. 
  • While we can only guess, these favorite things match Earl’s peaceful and private lifestyle.

Interesting Facts About

  • Earl is very private and doesn’t like the limelight, unlike his brother Tiger. He likes a quiet and simple life. 
  • Nobody knows much about Earl’s school days. He may have gone to a community college, but nobody knows for sure.
  • Earl’s dad, Earl Woods Sr, was a retired army officer. His mom, Barbara Gary, was a caring woman.
  • Earl has three half-siblings. Apart from Tiger, he has a half-brother named Kevin, and a half-sister named Royce.
  • Even though Earl’s brother Tiger is a big golf star, Earl may not play golf. He keeps his job a secret, just like his life.


Who is Earl Woods Jr’s famous brother?

Earl’s younger half-brother is Tiger Woods, a famous golfer!

Is Earl also a golfer like Tiger?

We’re not sure. Earl likes to keep his life quiet and private. He might enjoy golf, but he might also have other jobs he enjoys more.

Does Earl have any other siblings?

Yes! Apart from Tiger, Earl has a half-brother named Kevin, and a half-sister named Royce.

What does Earl like to do for fun?

We don’t know for sure because Earl is very private. But we can guess he might enjoy reading, walking in nature, or cooking yummy food!

Is Earl on Facebook or Twitter?

Earl is very private and doesn’t have public accounts on social media. He likes to keep his life away from the spotlight. 


Earl Woods Jr is a great example of someone who enjoys a peaceful life. He may not be famous like his half-brother Tiger, but he is just as special. Earl’s life shows us that it’s okay to be private and enjoy simple things. We may not know his favorite color or food, but that’s okay. What matters is that he is happy being himself. Even though we can’t follow him on social media or read about him in the news, we can still learn a lot from him. So kiddos, remember, it’s important to be true to yourself, just like Earl Woods Jr!

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