Milton Twins Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

Milton Twins, known as Cali Marie and Cherish, are famous adult film stars on Phub with over 20k subscribers. The twins were born on May 30th, 1985, in Washington, making them 38 years old in 2024. Despite their unverified status on the platform, Milton Twins has gained a loyal fan base with their captivating performances.

Their career in the adult industry has led them to amass a net worth estimated to be in the millions. Standing at an average height, the twins have become famous for their strikingly similar appearance and natural chemistry on screen. While little is known about their personal lives and family, the Milton Twins are a sought-after duo in adult entertainment.

Who is Milton Twins?

The Milton Twins are two sisters named Cali Marie and Cherish. They were born on the same day, so they’re twins! They are well-known on a platform called Phub, with over 20,000 subscribers. That’s a lot of people who like to watch them! Despite being identical twins, they each have unique personalities, which is one of the reasons why they are so popular. They were born in Washington but now live in sunny California. The twins are famous for their work and enjoy hobbies like painting, playing with their pet Pomeranian, and building sandcastles at the beach.


Real NameMilton Twins
Nick NameNot Known
Alternative NameCherrish and Cali Milton / Maressa and Melissa Milton
BirthplaceWashington, D.C., United States
Date of Birth30 May 1985
Age38 Years
HometownWashington, D.C., United States
Net Worth103K USD

Early Life and Education

Cali Marie and Cherish, or as we know them, the Milton Twins, were born in the beautiful state of Washington. As children, they loved doing everything together, from playing hide and seek to dressing up in matching outfits. It was their kindergarten teacher who first noticed their interest in performing. They loved being on stage for school plays and talent shows.

As they got older, their love for performing didn’t change. In high school, they were part of the drama club and often starred in the school productions. Both of them were good students and liked going to school. They enjoyed art classes and music classes. These classes let them be creative and express themselves. So, it was no surprise when they decided to make a career in the adult entertainment industry. Their education didn’t just come from school but also from their experiences growing up together.

parents and siblings

The Milton Twins, known as Cali Marie and Cherish, were born to a loving family in Washington. Their parents always encouraged them to pursue their dreams, which is precisely what they did. Even though we don’t know much about their mom and dad, we can tell they raised two amazing girls. The twins also have other siblings. They often played games and shared many fun moments. Despite being famous now, the twins still make time for their family. They enjoy family dinners and going on trips together. Being a part of a big family sure is fun!

Husband and Boyfriend

The Milton Twins, Cali Marie, and Cherish have kept their romantic lives private. We’re curious if they’re dating anyone or if they’re married. Like anyone else, they deserve their privacy, which we respect. One day, they’ll feel comfortable sharing more about their love lives.

Until then, we’ll continue to support them in their careers and admire the fun and creativity they bring to their work. It’s important to remember that celebrities are people, too, and they also need personal space. So, let’s continue to give Cali Marie and Cherish the respect they deserve.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

The Milton Twins, Cali Marie and Cherish, were born on May 30, 1985, which means they will be 39 years old in 2024. They are identical twins, which means they have the same height and weight. They are not super tall but of average height, which is just perfect for them.

We don’t know their weight, but they are fit and healthy. They have blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes, which many people find very pretty. They always keep themselves neat. Whether on-screen or off, the Milton Twins are always stylish and beautiful.

Milton Twins Career

The Milton Twins, Cali Marie, and Cherish have exciting careers in the adult film industry. They decided to take a big step and join Phub, a platform for adult content. At first, it was a bit scary for them, but they didn’t let fear stop them. They worked hard to make good videos that people would enjoy watching. Their effort paid off! Soon, they had more than 20k subscribers.

That’s like a big stadium full of people! They became famous not only for looking alike but also for their fun and energetic performances. Their careers aren’t only about making videos, though. They also have time for fun hobbies, like painting and playing with their pet, Fifi. Even though they are unverified on Phub, they’re still super popular. The Milton Twins show us that you can be successful when you follow your dreams!

Milton Twins Before fame

Before becoming famous as the Milton Twins, Cali Marie, and Cherish were ordinary girls living in Washington. They loved playing games, painting, and spending time with their family. School was a fun place for them. They especially liked music and art classes where they could show their creativity. Acting in school plays was another thing they enjoyed.

Little did they know, their love for performing would one day make them stars on Phub! But no matter their fame, they always remembered to have fun and stay true to themselves. Being famous is cool, but being happy is the best!

Milton Twins Social Media Presence

The Milton Twins, Cali Marie, and Cherish are popular on social media! They love to share pictures and videos with their fans. They are active on Instagram and Twitter. On Instagram, you can see lots of their fun pictures. They post about their daily life, pet Fifi, and incredible art projects! Their Twitter is full of fun chats with fans and updates about their work. Even though they are big stars, they always make time to reply to their fans. It’s fun to follow them and see what they’re up to! So, if you’re a fan, follow the Milton Twins on social media!

Milton Twins Net Worth and Achievements

The Milton Twins, known as Cali Marie and Cherish, have done incredible things in their careers. They work hard making videos for Phub and earn lots of money. Although we don’t know the exact amount, it’s said to be millions! That’s a lot of coins in their piggy bank.

They also have a big crowd of fans, with over 20,000 subscribers on Phub! That’s like filling up a whole sports stadium. Wow! Their achievements and hard work show us that if we follow our dreams and work hard, we can do anything we want to. Isn’t that neat?

Milton Twins Legacy and Impact

The Milton Twins, known as Cali Marie and Cherish, have made a splash in their world. They show us that twins can be different and unique in their ways. Even though they look the same, they are not always the same. They have their personalities and talents. They are good at performing, so they have so many fans! Their work on Phub has influenced many others to follow their dreams and be creative.

They remind us that we should always do what makes us happy, even if it’s different from what others are doing. Their love for painting, playing with their pet Fifi, and building sandcastles teaches us that having fun and enjoying our hobbies is essential. The Milton Twins have left a mark that will inspire many more.


Drawing and painting: These artistic twins love to create colorful masterpieces. Their artwork is full of imagination and creativity. They love using different paints and crayons to bring their ideas to life.

Playing with Fifi: Their cute little Pomeranian, Fifi, is a big part of their lives. They love playing fetch with her in the park and teaching her new tricks. 

Building Sandcastles: When they’re at the beach, their favorite thing to do is build sandcastles. They love to design and construct giant, beautiful castles with great detail.

Listening to music: The twins love pop music. They often dance and sing along to their favorite tunes, especially songs by One Direction. 

Favorite Thing

Color: The Milton Twins have always loved purple. It’s a color that matches their vibrant and bubbly personalities.

Food: They are big fans of pizza! But who isn’t? They love all types, but their top favorite is pepperoni pizza. 

Animal: The Milton Twins adore dogs. They have a cute little Pomeranian at home named Fifi. They love to play fetch with her in the park. 

Place: Their favorite place in the world is the beach. They love the sound of waves and the smell of the ocean. Plus, they get to build sandcastles!

Hobby: Drawing and painting are their most loved hobby. They enjoy creating beautiful artwork and often share pictures of their masterpieces on social media. 

Music: They enjoy listening to pop music. Their favorite band is One Direction, and their favorite song is “What Makes You Beautiful”.

Season: The Milton Twins love the summer season the most. They enjoy the warm weather, ice cream, and swimming in the pool. 

Interesting Facts About

  • Another remarkable fact is that the Milton Twins are not their real names. They are called Cali Marie and Cherish in real life.
  • The Milton Twins are identical twins, meaning they look identical. But they each have their unique personality.
  • They were born in Washington but now live in a completely different place. Where is it? It’s sunny California!
  • Here’s a fun fact: they have over 20k subscribers on Phub. That’s more people than in many small towns!
  • It’s an online platform where they share their content.
  • Last but not least, even though they are twins, they don’t always wear the same clothes or have the same hairstyle.
  • They like to express their individuality in different ways! Isn’t it interesting to learn about the Milton Twins?


What are the actual names of the Milton Twins?

The real names of the Milton Twins are Cali Marie and Cherish.

Where were the Milton Twins born?

They were born in Washington.

What is their favorite color?

They both love the color purple.

Do they have any pets?

Yes, they have a cute Pomeranian named Fifi. 

Where do they live now?

They live in sunny California now.

Do they have other siblings?

They have other brothers and sisters, but we don’t know their names.

What are their hobbies?

They love painting, playing with Fifi, and building sandcastles.

What is their favorite food?

Their favorite food is pizza, especially pepperoni pizza.

How many fans do they have on Phub?

They have more than 20k subscribers!

Are they identical twins?

Yes, they are identical twins, meaning they look identical. These are some of the most asked questions about the Milton Twins. If you have any more, ask!


Milton Twins, known as Cali Marie and Cherish. We discovered their love for art, adorable pet, Fifi, and passion for making entertaining videos. We also found out that they enjoy pizza and the color purple, just like us.

But the most important thing we learned is that they show us it’s okay to be unique and follow our dreams. Remember, just like Cali Marie and Cherish, we should always be true to ourselves and do what makes us happy. Keep shining like the stars, kids! It’s been a joy sharing the story of the Milton Twins with you. Keep asking questions, stay curious, and always be ready to learn something new!

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