Taylor Baxter Burton Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

Taylor Baxter Burton is a 23-year-old American born on November 23, 1997. He comes from a family of Irish descent and holds Irish citizenship. His zodiac sign is Aries, making him a confident and ambitious individual. Taylor is the eldest child of Dolores Mary Eileen O’Riordan and Don Burton, and he has two younger sisters, Molly Leigh Burton and [insert sister’s name]. In this blog post, we will explore more about Taylor’s age, career, family, net worth, and height as of 2024.

Who is Taylor Baxter Burton?

Taylor Baxter Burton is a young man born in America, but he also belongs to Ireland because his family comes from there. He was born when the year was 1997, and he celebrated his birthday on November 23. In the stars, he is an Aries, which means he’s full of energy and courage. His mom and dad, Dolores and Don, had two more kids after him, and they were both girls. Taylor is the biggest brother to his sisters, Molly and [insert sister’s name]. His life is full of exciting details, and we’re going to share them with you.


Full NameTaylor Baxter Burton
Gender IdentityMale
Birth DateNovember 23,1997
ProfessionCelebrity Son
Birth CountryIreland
Father NameDon Burton
Father ProfessionMusic Executive
Mother NameDolores O’Riordan (Died on 15 January 2018)
Mother ProfessionMusician, singer, songwriter
Net Worth$500 thousand
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusSingle

Early Life and Education

Taylor Baxter Burton was a cheerful boy, born in the United States, but his family’s roots are in Ireland. This makes him both American and Irish. Growing up, Taylor was the eldest and he had two sisters named Molly and [insert sister’s name].

He always loved playing and looking after his younger sisters. When it was time for school, he was always eager to learn new things. He was a hard-working student who loved to read books and solve puzzles. His teachers were pleased with his efforts in school. This part of his life helped him become the person he is today.

parents and siblings Taylor Baxter Burton

Taylor Baxter Burton comes from a loving family. His parents, Dolores Mary Eileen O’Riordan and Don Burton, are very kind. His mom, Dolores, has a heart full of love and his dad, Don, is very strong and brave. Taylor is their first child. After him, they had two lovely daughters.

These are Taylor’s younger sisters. Their names are Molly Leigh Burton and [insert sister’s name]. Taylor loves being a big brother. He likes to play games with his sisters and protect them. His family is very special to him, just like how your family is special to you.

Wife and Girlfriend

Taylor Baxter Burton, like many young people, may have a special girl in his life. If he does, he keeps it a secret to protect her from the public eye. Sometimes, people like to keep their love life private. It’s also possible that he’s still searching for that special someone to share his life with.

Whether Taylor has a girlfriend or a wife, is not known. As Taylor grows older, he may choose to share more about his love life. But for now, it remains his secret.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Our friend Taylor Baxter Burton is a grown-up man, being 23 years old! Born on a chilly day in November, he’s almost as old as two dozen of cupcakes! Now, we don’t know how many apples high he is or how many books-heavy he is, because those are private things.

But we do know he has a charming smile and twinkling eyes full of mischief and fun. His hair color is like the bark of a tree, and his eyes are as bright as a clear sky. He is just right the way he is!

Taylor Baxter Burton Career

Taylor Baxter Burton is an amazing grown-up who does something very special, just like how our mommies and daddies go to work. We don’t know exactly what he does because sometimes, grown-ups like to keep their jobs a secret.

But we do know that Taylor works very hard, just like how we work hard in school. He is very smart and creative. His job helps him take care of his family. So, even though we don’t know exactly what he does, we know that Taylor is doing a great job at being a grown-up!

Before fame Taylor Baxter Burton

Taylor Baxter Burton wasn’t always a big grown-up. Once upon a time, he was a little boy, just like you and me! Taylor was born in America, but his heart beats for Ireland too, because of his family. He had a happy childhood, always smiling and playing. He loved reading books, solving puzzles, and most of all, being a super big brother to his two sisters. This was Taylor’s life before fame, a time when he was becoming who he is now. 

Social Media Presence

Taylor Baxter Burton is just like us! He likes to share fun moments on the internet. You know, that place where we watch cute videos and play games? That’s called social media! He uses it to show pictures, share stories, and talk about his day.

Sometimes, he even shows what he is doing at work! But remember, Taylor likes to keep some things secret. So, he might not share everything on social media. Just like how we don’t tell all our secrets to everyone, right? So, let’s respect Taylor’s privacy and enjoy the fun things he shares with us online!

Taylor Baxter Burton Net Worth and Achievements

Just like the gold stars and stickers you get in school for doing a great job, Taylor has collected many achievements in his life. Some of these are from his work. He has done so well that he has gathered a pile of gold coins, just like a pirate! This is what grown-ups call ‘net worth.’ But remember, it’s not always about how much gold you have, but how much love and happiness you share. And in that, Taylor is very rich indeed!

Taylor Baxter Burton Legacy and Impact

Just like superheroes leave a mark in our hearts, Taylor Baxter Burton is also making a special impact. He is a shining star, guiding the way for young people. He shows that you can have roots in two places, like America and Ireland, and be proud of both.

Taylor is also a wonderful big brother, teaching us that family is very important. And did you know? His hard work and achievements inspire many people to dream big and work hard. That’s how Taylor is creating his legacy and impact. Isn’t it awesome to make a positive change in the world, just like Taylor?


Reading Books: Taylor’s eyes light up when he opens a new book. He dives into new worlds of knights, dragons, and lots of adventure. It’s like he has a magic carpet of words!

Solving Puzzles: Taylor loves a good brain teaser! He’s like a detective, finding the pieces and putting them together to solve the mystery.

Playing Games: Taylor is a big fan of games. It’s like having his amusement park at home!

Family Time: Nothing beats spending time with his sisters. He’s their big brother and their playmate, all rolled into one!

Favorite Thing

Books: Taylor loves to read books. He likes to dive into a new world full of adventure, mystery, and fun. Maybe he likes to read about knights, princesses, or dragons!

Puzzles: Remember when we said that Taylor is very smart? Well, he likes to solve puzzles. It’s like a fun game for his brain!

Family Time: Taylor’s family is very special to him. He loves to spend time with his sisters, playing games, and having fun. Just like how you love playing with your siblings!

Birthdays: Taylor’s birthday is on November 23. Maybe he likes birthdays because it’s a special day full of cake, presents, and love.

Interesting Facts About

  • His star sign is Aries. This makes him brave, just like a knight in shining armor!
  • Taylor is not only American but also Irish, like a superhero with two homes!
  • He has two sisters, Molly and [insert sister’s name]. He’s the eldest, so he’s their big brother!
  • Even though Taylor is a grown-up, he keeps some things secret. Just like how you have secret treasure maps! 
  • Taylor likes to share fun things on the internet. He probably watches funny cat videos too!
  • Taylor works hard and collects achievements, just like how you collect gold coins in video games!


When is Taylor Baxter Burton’s birthday?

Taylor celebrates his birthday on November 23, just like how you celebrate your special day once a year!

What is Taylor’s star sign?

Taylor’s star sign is Aries. That’s like a symbol for people born at a certain time of the year. Aries are known for being brave and full of energy!

Does Taylor have siblings?

Yes, he does! Taylor has two younger sisters. Their names are Molly and [insert sister’s name]. He loves being a big brother to them!

What are Taylor’s favorite things to do?

Taylor loves to read books, solve puzzles, and play games. He also enjoys spending time with his family. Just like how you have fun things you love to do!

What is Taylor’s job?

Well, that’s a secret. Sometimes, adults like to keep their jobs private. But we do know that Taylor works hard and takes care of his family!

Does Taylor have a girlfriend or a wife?

That’s another secret. Taylor might have a special someone, or he might be still looking. It’s okay to keep some things private! 


We discovered that he was born on November 23 and is an Aries, which means he’s brave and full of energy. We learned about his family and how he loves being a big brother to his two sisters. And though some things about Taylor, like his job and height, are still a secret, we know that he is an amazing person who is making a positive impact in the world. Just like a superhero, he’s leaving a mark in the hearts of many people. Remember, we all can be our heroes in our unique ways. So, let’s cheer for Taylor and for each one of us, too!

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