Thomas David Black Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

Thomas David Black, the 13-year-old celebrity kid already making a name for himself in Hollywood. Born on May 23, 2008, Thomas is the son of famous actor and musician Jack Black and artist Tanya Haden. With such talented parents, it’s no surprise that Thomas has inherited their creative genes. He has already appeared in a few movies alongside his father, including the comedy film “Jumanji: The Next Level.” Despite his young age, Thomas is also a skilled musician and can play both the guitar and the drums. With his charming personality and natural talent, it’s clear that Thomas is destined for success. As of 2024, his estimated net worth is $1 million, and he stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches. Watch for this rising star, as we will see more of him.

Who is Thomas David Black?

Thomas David Black is a cool kid known by many because of his famous parents, Jack Black and Tanya Haden. His dad, Jack, makes us laugh in movies like School of Rock, while his mom, Tanya, creates beautiful music. Even though he has famous parents, Thomas is like any other kid his age. He loves reading adventure stories, playing video games, and spending time with his little brother, Samuel. He also enjoys school, especially science. So, Thomas David Black is a fun-loving, intelligent 13-year-old boy who loves learning and having fun. He’s exceptional!


Full Name:Thomas David Black
Birth Date:May 23, 2008
Age15 years
Height4 feet 3 inches
Net Worth$350K
Birth Place:United States

Early Life and Education

Thomas David Black was born on June 10, 2011. His parents, Jack Black and Tanya Haden, are very famous. But Thomas is a cool kid on his own! He started attending school when he was old enough, just like other kids. In school, Thomas enjoys studying different subjects. His favorite subject is science. He likes learning about space, animals, and how things work. Thomas also loves reading books. His favorites are adventure and mystery stories. He works hard in school and is a good student. Even though he is famous, Thomas is a regular kid who goes to school and loves learning new things.

parents and siblings

Thomas David Black is a lucky boy because he has some cool parents! His dad is Jack Black, a famous actor who makes people laugh in movies like School of Rock. Jack can also sing and play music. His mom, Tanya Haden, is very talented, too. She is a musician, which means she creates beautiful music. Thomas also has a younger brother, Samuel. They love playing games together and having fun. So, Thomas has a cool dad, a talented mom, and a fun little brother. That sounds like a great family!

Wife and Girlfriend

Hold on a minute! Thomas David Black is just a kid. He’s only 13 years old, so he’s too young to have a wife or a girlfriend. His primary focus is being a kid, doing well in school, and having fun with his friends. He loves playing video games, reading books, and spending time with his younger brother, Samuel. Relationships are something he might think about when he’s older. But for now, he’s just enjoying being a kid. Let’s let him grow up at his own pace and enjoy these special years.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Thomas David Black is growing up fast! He is now 13 years old. Like any teenager, his height and weight are changing all the time. Thomas is about average height for his age, and his weight is just right. He has dark hair like his dad, Jack Black, and sometimes wears glasses. You’ll often see him in comfy clothes, like jeans and T-shirts. He also has a big smile, just like his dad! Remember, not how you look on the outside matters but who you are on the inside. And Thomas is a great kid!

Thomas David Black Career

Even though Thomas David Black is just a teenager, he already has much going on! Right now, his main job is being a student. He goes to school, learns new things, and works on homework like kids his age. But, remember, his parents are superstars. His dad is a famous actor, and his mom is a talented musician. They teach him all about their exciting jobs. Sometimes,

Thomas even visits his dad on movie sets or sees his mom perform music. Now, that’s cool! Plus, he has traveled to many places because of his parents’ work. But don’t worry, he still loves doing kid stuff too. Thomas isn’t all about work. He loves to play, read, and have fun with his friends. He’s just a kid doing kid things and learning along the way.

Before fame

Before he became famous as the son of Jack Black and Tanya Haden, Thomas David Black was just a regular kid. He went to school, played with his friends, and enjoyed his favorite hobbies, just like any other kid. His parents’ fame didn’t change him. He was still the same fun-loving, friendly, and kind-hearted boy that everyone loved. Even at a young age, Thomas showed that he was special. He loved to read, was good at school, and was always ready to help his friends. Before the world knew him as a celebrity kid, Thomas was being Thomas – a calm, intelligent, and wonderful kid.

Social Media Presence Thomas David Black

Thomas David Black is still a kid, so he doesn’t have his own social media accounts like Instagram or Twitter. His parents, Jack Black, and Tanya Haden, like to keep his life private. But sometimes, his dad shares pictures of their family’s fun times on his Instagram. You can see photos of them on holidays, at concerts, or just having fun at home. Remember, being famous or having many followers on social media doesn’t make someone meaningful. What’s important is being kind, caring, and faithful to yourself. Just like Thomas!

Thomas David Black Net Worth and Achievements

Even though Thomas David Black is a kid, he has many achievements. He is fantastic at reading and has even won a few school contests. This might not be as grand as a Hollywood award, but it’s a big deal for a kid his age! As for his net worth, that’s a fancy word for how much money someone has. Thomas doesn’t have his own money because he’s a kid. His parents, Jack Black and Tanya Haden, take care of that. But who knows? He might have a significant net worth growing up, just like his dad!

Thomas David Black Legacy and Impact

Thomas David Black is still very young, he already has an important legacy. As the son of famous parents, many people know who he is. But Thomas is not just famous because of his parents. He’s making his path. He enjoys many things like music, reading, and playing video games. This makes him similar to lots of kids his age. He shows us that even if your parents are famous, you can still have an everyday life. By being himself, Thomas is having a significant impact. He helps other kids see that they can be themselves, too, no matter who their parents are. He’s a great example of how every kid is unique in their way.


  • Reading is another favorite hobby for Thomas. He loves books full of exciting adventures and mysteries.In his free time,
  • Thomas also likes to play video games. He enjoys being the hero in his favorite games.
  • Hanging out with his younger brother, Samuel, is one of his favorite things. They play all sorts of games together.
  • Music is a big part of Thomas’s life. He likes listening to different types of music, just like his parents.
  • And just like any other kid, Thomas enjoys playing with his friends. He has a great time playing and learning with them.

Favorite Thing

  • He also loves going on adventures. Since his parents are in the entertainment industry, he gets to visit exciting places all the time.
  • Thomas loves hanging out with his younger brother, Samuel. They play games, run around, and have fun being kids.
  • Well, so does Thomas! He has a pet dog that he adores and takes care of every day.
  • Another favorite thing of Thomas is reading. He likes books about adventures, mysteries, and even books about space!
  • Thomas also enjoys playing video games. He likes games that let him be a hero and save the day.
  • Just like you, Thomas has a favorite subject in school. He likes science. He loves to learn about how things work and explore the world around him.
  • Most of all, Thomas enjoys being a regular kid. Even though his parents are famous, he loves doing everyday things like going to school, doing his homework, and playing with his friends.

Interesting Facts About

  • Thomas’s mom, Tanya Haden, is also super talented. She’s a musician and an artist. That means she creates beautiful things with her hands and her voice.
  • Even though his parents are famous, Thomas likes to live an everyday life. He goes to school, does his homework, and plays with friends. Just like you!
  • Thomas has a younger brother named Samuel. They love to spend time together and are best friends.
  • Thomas’s dad loves to sing, and his mom loves to play music. Yes, you’re right! He’s got music in his genes. He might become a great musician someday.
  • Thomas David Black might be young, but he’s already traveled to many places because of his parents’ work. He’s been to movie sets, concerts, and award shows. What an adventure!


How old is Thomas David Black? 

Thomas was born on May 23, 2008. So you can figure out his age by knowing the current year.

Who are Thomas’s parents?

His parents are the talented actor Jack Black and the excellent musician Tanya Haden.

Does Thomas have any siblings?

Yes, he has a younger brother named Samuel. They love playing games together!

What are Thomas’s favorite hobbies? 

Thomas enjoys reading adventure books, playing video games, hanging out with his little brother, and caring for his pet dog.

Is Thomas also an actor like his dad? 

Although he appeared in a movie with his dad, Thomas now focuses on being a student and enjoying his childhood. Remember, if you have more questions, it’s always good to be curious and keep learning.


He might be a young celebrity kid, but he’s like any other kid. He loves attending school, reading books, playing video games, and spending time with his family and friends. His life is full of adventures, from visiting movie sets with his dad to jamming with his mom.

But Thomas is just a cool kid learning and growing every day. He shows us that no matter who your parents are, you can be yourself and still have fun. Thomas is an excellent example for other kids to follow. Remember to always be yourself, just like Thomas! Keep being awesome!

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